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Unlike in the past, modern humans don’t need wisdom teeth to chew foods and snacks. It may be surprising to know how our ancestors used to chew plans and foods with wisdom teeth that we, modern humans, find harmful. The new lifestyle most people have makes the presence of wisdom teeth unnecessary in our mouth; that’s why they should be extracted as soon as possible. You can consult our professionals at Dentistry on King to understand the complications you might face if you resist removing wisdom teeth. In most people, keeping wisdom teeth brings dental health complications and difficulties. Therefore, your family dentist may advise you to remove them immediately after they emerge in your late teens or early twenties. Although wisdom teeth growth is usually painful and makes you aware of what’s going on in one’s mouth, they might be growing without your knowledge. In such conditions, having adequate information about your oral condition and knowing a few common signs of wisdom teeth growth can help you preserve your smile. In this way, you have a greater chance to have your wisdom teeth extracted before facing more severe complications. Keep reading this blog to understand clear signs of wisdom teeth eruption.

Decayed adjacent teeth: If you think the growth of wisdom teeth does by affects the nearby teeth, you are wrong. Typically, tooth decay is the most common dental emergency, and many have experienced it at least once. Wisdom teeth are really prone to decay, and then the decay and infection can spread to other healthy teeth.

Gum inflammation: Impacted wisdom teeth can make your gums significantly inflamed and sensitive. Therefore, they become a great place for bacteria to grow and cause infection. Many think a professional dental cleaning routine can prevent such problems from happening. Although cleaning your teeth and gums can lessen the risk of gum inflammation, it’s not that much effective when you have impacted wisdom teeth.

Jaw pain: If you feel pain when you want to open your mouth or in the back of your jaw, you should visit your dentist to check for wisdom teeth eruption. In many cases, jaw pain isn’t an orthodontic issue and is caused by impacted wisdom teeth. As your jaw doesn’t have enough space for more than 28 teeth, wisdom teeth can’t properly erupt and make your jaw misaligned.

Oral cysts: Cysts are infected sacs of fluid caused when you don’t remove your impacted wisdom teeth at the right time. Eventually, these cysts make your jaw and other teeth significantly damaged, and invasive treatments like dental surgery are required to restore your oral health. 

Bad breath: If you persistently feel bad taste in your mouth or suffer from bad breath, it’s better to check signs of wisdom teeth growth. Bad breath is one of the common causes of tooth decay or, in more severe cases, infected pulp that should be immediately treated by endodontic treatments or other restorative methods. But you should still expect problems like tooth decay and bad breath if you don’t extract your wisdom teeth.

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