Personal background: I have an INSANE fear of the dentist – to the point where I cry for teeth cleanings. Just being in dentist offices make me panic and feel extreme nauseous. Dentist experience: I recently had to get a serious extraction of an infected tooth, including a bone graft because the infection was deteriorating the bone in the surrounding area. I googled for dentist offices downtown Toronto that specialize in dental anxiety. Dr. Cheng’s office was one of the top 3 that came up (and I liked their website). From the beginning Dr. Cheng made it clear this was going to be a complicated procedure, however from the initial check-up to post surgery I felt so comfortable. The team at Dentistry on King is so professional, welcoming, personable – I oddly felt very comfortable in their office which is extremely rare for me to experience. Something I also liked is they quoted my surgery and sedation, however in the end the sedation time ended up being 1/2 of what they expected because the surgery went so smoothly. I know I have a few more procedures in the future and I won’t hesitate to have them done with Dr. David Cheng! Thanks Dentistry on King!

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