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Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto

Dentistry on King is among the best clinics that offers a wide variety of exceptional yet affordable cosmetic dental services in Toronto. Our professional cosmetic dental experts know how to approach beneficial cosmetic dental care in Toronto that properly meets the patients’ unique dental needs and desires. Reach us through a phone call and schedule your cosmetic dental appointment today.



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Best Cosmetic Dental Services in Toronto

A Smile Is Born: Cosmetic Dentistry Excellence

Experience exceptional cosmetic dentistry services at Dentistry on King in Toronto. Our customized and affordable treatments cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking teeth whitening, dental veneers, bonding, or aligners, our dedicated team is here for all your cosmetic dental needs. We combine our exceptional skill and experience with the latest technology and trends in cosmetic dentistry to elevate your priceless smile so that you can glow with confidence and joy.

If looking for a best cosmetic dentist in Toronto, here is where you should stop. The following items are our best cosmetic dental treatments in Toronto that are commonly performed to gift you a sparkling smile. all us at Dentistry on King to book a free consultation and step into our world of beautiful, shining smiles.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Downtown Toronto

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a broad spectrum of services designed to elevate both your smile and confidence. A beautiful smile is something that anyone can be proud of. It is incredible to be able to smile confidently and without fear or embarrassment! A beautiful smile adds an appealing aspect to your character, bringing joy to both you and those around you. At Dentistry on King, we provide various cosmetic dental procedures in a modern and comfortable clinic in downtown Toronto equipped with the most recent dental technology and the latest equipment.

 Our comprehensive cosmetic dental services include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, various types of orthodontic treatment, and smile makeover projects. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality care and guaranteed results because you deserve a smile that suits your style.  

Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign in Toronto

Discover the artistry of cosmetic dentistry and the modern convenience of Invisalign at Dentistry on King. Our clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized solutions for achieving a confident and beautifully aligned smile. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, our skilled team seamlessly combines the principles of cosmetic dentistry with the innovative technology of Invisalign. This discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces allows for a gradual, virtually invisible teeth straightening process. At Dentistry on King, we understand that each smile is unique, and our experts tailor Invisalign treatments in Toronto to suit individual needs. Experience the transformative journey to a straighter and more radiant smile with the trusted care of Dentistry on King, where we blend expertise, innovation, and a commitment to your oral health and confidence.

Invisalign Before and After

Invisalign Dentist Before and After PhotosInvisalign Dentist Before and After Photos

Cosmetic dentistry and Teeth Whitening

Stains and Yellowish teeth are holding you back from smiling wide? Don’t Worry! We got it! Several factors may have led to the discoloration of your teeth:

  • Consuming foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and berries.
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Not brushing and flossing regularly, which leads to the buildup of plaque and tartar.
  • Loss of tooth enamel as a result of aging.
  • Certain medications.

But there is no need to worry. In only one session, we can bring back the charm and shine to your smile. During this process, which takes about an hour, our cosmetic dentist will carefully apply a concentrated whitening gel and use a special light to maximize the whitening effect of the gel. This simple and quick procedure can offer you a dazzling smile that is obviously whiter and brighter. At Dentistry on King, Dr. Alavi and his team of caring, compassionate staff provide top-notch teeth whitening services in Toronto to bring the happy smile back into your photos and let the sound of laughter echo in your life.

Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a one-solution-fits-all cosmetic treatment, useful for addressing a wide range of dental imperfections. The process of getting dental veneers at Dentistry on King starts with a thorough examination and consultation with our cosmetic dentist. Then, if you’ve chosen porcelain veneers, after preparing your tooth for veneers, an impression of your teeth is taken and sent to a laboratory to fabricate your customized tooth covers. During your second and final appointment, the dentist will place the veneers on your teeth and adjust them to ensure they fit and look great.

If you’re hiding your smile because of chips, stains, cracks, or gaps, our Toronto cosmetic dental team has a solution that can make you want to show it off again. Dental Veneers are thin shells of ceramic placed over your teeth to cover up flaws. Strong and durable, they’re designed to mimic the natural translucency of enamel, so they look and feel completely natural. Considering cosmetic dental veneers in Toronto? Contact us at Dentistry on King, where our best cosmetic dentist will provide comprehensive guidance on this procedure, helping you discover the optimal option tailored to your specific needs.

Dental Veneers Before and After

Dental Veneers Before and AfterDental Veneers Before and After

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Bonding

A quick, affordable, and minimally invasive option for fixing minor imperfections such as chips and cracks, gaps, and stains and making changes to the shape or size of the teeth, dental bonding is a common and popular cosmetic solution. During the dental bonding process, our cosmetic dentist uses composite resin material which is in the same color as your natural teeth. The tooth is prepared to be bound to the material. Then, the bonding material is shaped and adjusted to create a smooth and natural-looking surface and restore your teeth’ lost appearance and function.

Cosmetic teeth bonding uses tooth-colored resin to reshape and restore teeth. The material is applied in layers and hardened using a high-density dental light. Our Toronto cosmetic dental specialist will artistically sculpt the composite and polish it to perfectly match your existing teeth. You can always reach us through a phone call to gain more information about cosmetic dent5al procedures in Toronto.

Teeth Bonding Before and After

Teeth Bonding Before and AfterTeeth Bonding Before and After

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Crowns

For teeth that are damaged more extensively, we provide dental crown services. Dental crowns act as a protective cover for your teeth. They are caps that are placed on the tooth, especially after root canal treatment, to protect the teeth against further damage and create a natural-looking result. Dental crowns have numerous benefits. They do not only improve the appearance of the tooth, but they also restore your biting and chewing abilities that may have been impacted by the damaged tooth. With the protective shield of dental crowns, your teeth will regain their natural look and function. Let us help you in maintaining your oral health, reach out to us with your question about the other restorative benefits of cosmetic treatments.

At Dentistry on King, our Toronto cosmetic dentist is always ready to discuss your aesthetic goals. We will patiently listen to your ideas, show you examples of possible changes, examine your mouth, and craft a custom plan to give you a smile you’ve always dreamed of while considering your oral health. Book your appointment right today.

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Cosmetic Dentist and Dental Implants in Toronto

At Dentistry on King, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional cosmetic dentistry services, including cutting-edge solutions like dental implants. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals understands the transformative power of a confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about enhancing your oral health and overall well-being. Whether you’re considering teeth whitening, veneers, or dental implants, our clinic is committed to providing personalized and high-quality care. Dental implants, in particular, are a revolutionary option for restoring missing teeth, offering not only a natural-looking appearance but also improved functionality and long-term oral health benefits. At Dentistry on King, we blend artistry with advanced dental technology to create beautiful, lasting smiles. Come experience the excellence of our cosmetic dentistry services and discover a renewed sense of confidence in your smile. Dental implants are undeniably among the best tooth replacement options that our Toronto cosmetic dentists and oral surgeon offer. You can regain your confident smile through dental implant surgery. Contact our Toronto cosmetic dental clinic to schedule your appointment.

At Dentistry on King, our Toronto cosmetic dentist is always ready to discuss your aesthetic goals. We will patiently listen to your ideas, show you examples of possible changes, examine your mouth, and craft a custom plan to give you a smile you’ve always dreamed of while considering your oral health. Book your appointment right today.

Cosmetic Dentist and Orthodontic in Toronto

Dentistry on King is your premier destination for a transformative journey in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Our skilled team is dedicated to crafting beautiful smiles that not only exude confidence but also promote optimal oral health. In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, we offer a range of services, from teeth whitening, composite veneers and porcelain veneers to smile makeovers, tailored to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Additionally, our orthodontic expertise extends to state-of-the-art solutions like clear aligners and traditional braces, ensuring that every patient receives the personalized care they deserve. Beyond aesthetics, we prioritize the alignment and functionality of your teeth, fostering not only a stunning smile but also overall oral well-being. Trust Dentistry on King to blend artistry, innovation, and personalized attention, delivering the perfect synergy of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics in Toronto for a radiant, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

orthodontics in toronto

Top Advantages of Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Downtown Toronto

Generally, numerous precious benefits convince everyone to enhance their smile through cosmetic dentistry procedures. The following items are just a few advantages of our cosmetic dental solutions in Toronto:

  •  Consistency: When you have multiple cosmetic procedures performed by the same dentist, it’s a great way to avoid any variations that might occur over a longer period.
  •  Fewer Dental Visits: Experienced cosmetic dental specialists can efficiently group your procedures to save your time and minimize the number and frequency of your appointments.
  •   Cost Savings: Because a smile makeover is a comprehensive solution, you’ll avoid redundant dental procedures. We also have in-office equipment and technologies that enable us to offer you quality cosmetic services at affordable prices.
  •  Confidence: Get a bright smile that you eagerly like to show off with the help of a cosmetic dental team.

Cosmetic Dentist and Smile Makeovers

Dentistry on King, located in the heart of Toronto, helps you achieve the best version of your smile, combining several cosmetic and restorative procedures that contribute to a perfect smile and optimum oral health. Our top-rated cosmetic dentists will assess your overall oral health and the specific features of your face, addressing any problems that may exist with your teeth and gums. Then, they will make your teeth look bright and shiny by cosmetic procedures suitable for you.

Designing your smile may involve a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. For instance, covering the stains by applying porcelain or composite veneers, using dental or crowns to restore damaged teeth, contouring your gums, and realigning your bite. Our team of cosmetic dental specialists at Dentistry on King combines a selection of the finest cosmetic options to create a smile makeover plan that can exceed your expectations. Trust us with your precious smile. Call us if you need more information about our affordable smile makeover services in Toronto.

Step into a world of radiant smiles and transformative experiences at Dentistry on King, where we specialize in the artistry of cosmetic dentistry and Smile Makeovers. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to crafting smiles that not only radiate confidence but also reflect your unique personality and preferences. With a focus on individualized care, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and advanced Smile Makeovers. A Smile Makeover at our clinic is a customized approach to achieving the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for your unique dental anatomy. From addressing teeth discoloration to correcting misalignments, our skilled professionals use cutting-edge techniques and technology to curate a personalized treatment plan. Experience the transformative power of a Smile Makeover at Dentistry on King, where we blend artistry and expertise to create smiles that leave a lasting impression.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Toronto

There are various types of cosmetic dental services available, and they all aim to help you rebuild your smile and self-confidence and promote your oral health. But the final cost of cosmetic dental services in Toronto varies widely depending on several factors:

  • Type of the Procedure
  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Location of the Dental Clinic
  • Expertise of the cosmetic Dentist

At Dentistry on King, we understand that considering cosmetic dentistry is not just about enhancing your smile but also about making a valuable investment in your confidence and well-being. Our clinic is committed to providing transparent and competitive cosmetic dentistry costs in Toronto, ensuring accessibility to transformative treatments for all. We recognize that the cost of cosmetic procedures in Downtown Toronto can vary based on individual needs and treatment plans. Rest assured, our experienced team will work closely with you to outline a personalized approach that aligns with your goals and budget. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and patient satisfaction, Dentistry on King strives to deliver exceptional cosmetic dentistry services in Toronto without compromising on affordability. Contact us today to explore your options, receive a detailed cost cosmetic dentist, and embark on a journey to achieve the radiant smile you deserve.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is best to consult with our professional cosmetic dentist in Toronto to discuss your goals, preferences, and the details of your dental procedures. Our patient staff at Dentistry on King will take the time to carefully assess your case and provide you with all the information you need about your cosmetic dental procedure in Toronto.

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Best Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto

Dentistry on King is where your journey to a perfect smile starts. With a team of caring and highly skilled dentists who are updated about the most recent methods and technologies, you can be confident that your smile is in good hands. We strive to create a nice and relaxing environment for our patients to go through their dental procedures with maximum comfort. From the very first step, we stand by your side by offering you a thorough consultation, and we’ll make sure you leave our office with optimum satisfaction.

Schedule your appointment today by contacting us via 416-368-8000 or by using our online booking system and get ready for your beautiful smile.


best cosmetic dentistry in downtown toronto

FAQs about Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients typically visit our cosmetic dentist in Toronto with many questions in their minds. As you know, cosmetic dental procedures are diverse, each with unique prices, advantages, and disadvantages. That’s why we have pulled together a list of your most common questions about our Toronto cosmetic dental services to keep you well-informed. We are also ready to give you more information that is not covered in the following list. Get in touch with our cosmetic dental team today.

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Do I feel pain during cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures don’t hurt much because they are usually not very invasive. Sometimes, the dentist might apply local anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort.

How long do cosmetic dentistry procedures take to be finished?

It depends on the treatment. Some, like teeth whitening, can be done in a single session. Others, like orthodontic treatments or smile makeovers, might take several months to finish.

How long will my new smile last?

It depends on the type of treatment and whether you maintain proper oral hygiene. Teeth whitening might need touch-ups, but treatments like dental implants and veneers can last a long time if you take care of them carefully.

Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Usually, insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry since these procedures are done for aesthetic purposes. If a treatment also helps with a real dental problem, some insurance might offer some coverage.

Can children and elders have cosmetic dental procedures?

Yes, cosmetic dentistry is suitable for everyone. Some treatments are more common for kids, like braces, while others, like teeth whitening, can help people of all ages get a brighter smile.

What Is the Most Inexpensive Cosmetic Dental Option?

Don’t look further than teeth whitening treatment if you prefer positively transforming your smile with an affordable cosmetic dental solution. Cosmetic dental treatments are thought to be expensive and not suitable for everyone. However, you can always find an appropriate cosmetic dental procedure that fits your budget and needs. Besides, Dentistry on King is a modern dental clinic that provides payment options for all valued patients. Therefore, don’t hesitate to undergo your most suitable cosmetic dental procedures in Toronto at affordable prices.

Are There Any Side-effects Associated with Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Undeniably, all dental treatments may be associated with some minor drawbacks as well as providing countless benefits. Increased teeth sensitivity is the most common side effect usually complained of after teeth whitening or dental veneers. This symptom will relieve independently a few days after your treatments. Bear in mind to call our Toronto cosmetic dentist if you notice your condition worsens.

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