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Achieving a beautiful and flawless smile with straight, well-aligned teeth is now more achievable than ever before. At Dentistry on King, our experienced orthodontists in Toronto take pride in providing exceptional treatment for misaligned and crooked teeth, surpassing your expectations every step of the way.

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Dentistry on King is a renowned clinic for orthodontics in downtown Toronto and the surrounding area. Our top-rated Toronto orthodontist takes pride in crafting numerous gorgeous smiles for patients of all ages.

We utilize the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques when it comes to orthodontic treatment. When you want to get the best out of orthodontic services and the results that will keep you smiling, Dentistry on King is the right destination. We make sure you are well-informed and involved with every step of your orthodontic treatment plan in downtown Toronto.

Our team of experienced Toronto orthodontists and assistants has created amazing smiles that will last a lifetime. Contact us right away to book a complimentary consultation about our orthodontic services in downtown Toronto.


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 Looking for a Trusted Orthodontist in Downtown Toronto? 

Are you ready to gain a smile that makes you thrilled to show off? Our orthodontic services in Toronto will help you have that straight, beautiful set of teeth. We strive to provide orthodontic treatment for our patients in a caring, high-tech, and comfortable environment. Our cosmetic dentist and orthodontist in downtown Toronto have a great deal of experience serving patients of all ages.

As a leading Toronto orthodontic and Invisalign treatment provider, we try to make the smile of your dreams come true in the shortest possible time. In addition to traditional orthodontic braces, you can receive Invisalign aligners of the highest quality at affordable prices. We craft an individualized orthodontic treatment plan, respecting each patient’s unique goals and needs. Our team takes time to understand your personal concerns through an orthodontic consultation in Toronto. Give us a call for more information.




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How Long Does Orthodontics Last?

Getting a new, beautiful smile is a process that takes time and patience. While the duration of orthodontic treatment varies according to each individual’s needs, most people will need to wear braces for one to three years until their teeth are properly aligned. The experienced Toronto orthodontists at Dentistry on King typically estimate the treatment duration depending on the extent of correction that is required. Rushing the process can be counterproductive and may lead to complications or unsatisfactory results.
It’s crucial to follow our skilled Toronto orthodontist’s instructions carefully and attend regular appointments to ensure the treatment plan is on track and progressing as expected. In some cases, additional treatment may be necessary to achieve optimal results, such as using retainers or other orthodontic appliances. By staying committed to the treatment plan and being patient, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that will last a lifetime.


FAQs about Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Dentistry on King, we have gathered a team of professional dentists and orthodontists in downtown Toronto to help you be your best. We have also pulled together some of your frequently asked questions about orthodontics and answered them briefly, as you see. Please get in touch with our group for more questions not covered in this list. 



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Is Orthodontics Only about Aesthetics?

This is a common misconception that orthodontics is merely a cosmetic treatment. However, your aligned teeth can not only transform the look of your smile but also prevent many oral and overall health problems. With our practical orthodontic treatment in downtown Toronto:


  • You can decrease the risk of tooth decay
  • You improve your speech ability
  • You prevent tooth discoloration and the need for teeth whitening
  • You give your self-confidence a real boost
  • You help your digestive system work properly


Dentistry on King is the right destination if you aim to get orthodontic services in Toornto and are looking for a trusted clinic for such a purpose. We offer a full range of dental services, including denturesveneersimplantswisdom tooth extraction, and orthodontics in Toronto. Contact us at 416-368-8000 and book your appointment.


When Is Orthodontic Needed?

To determine if you need braces, there are specific indicators to observe. These indicators include the presence of crooked or overcrowded teeth, a significant overbite or underbite, crossbites, and any asymmetries in the jaw. Additionally, if a child experiences early or delayed loss of baby teeth, it may suggest a need for braces. It is crucial to consult with our experienced orthodontist in Toronto to assess your or your child’s dental condition and develop a personalized treatment plan. The orthodontist will examine the child’s teeth and jaw structure and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment, which may include braces or other orthodontic appliances. Addressing orthodontic issues early on can prevent more severe problems from arising and promote better oral health outcomes in the future.

How Painful Are Braces?

It is typical for individuals to experience mild to moderate discomfort or pain when they first get braces. Additionally, they may feel some discomfort following the tightening of the braces, which occurs regularly throughout the time they have them. These sensations are expected and should not cause significant distress.
It is important to communicate any concerns about discomfort with the professional Toronto orthodontist working at Dentistry on King, who may offer recommendations on alleviating discomfort or suggest modifications to the braces to improve comfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also help manage any pain or discomfort associated with wearing braces. With time and patience, the discomfort associated with braces will subside, and individuals will enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile.

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