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Preserving your healthy smile is always our paramount priority. However, we may have to recommend tooth extraction in downtown Toronto as an essential treatment for some patients. Here at Dentistry on King, we carry out the tooth extraction procedure in the most professional way, using the latest technology and advanced techniques.

Our patients can admit how quick & pain-free is the Toronto tooth extraction process at Dentistry on King. We perform tooth extractions in the professional environment of our dental clinic and ensure the ultimate comfort of every patient throughout the entire extraction process.

Our dedicated team will also provide you with the best post-procedure instruction to confront no complications after your tooth removal. Looking for painless tooth extraction in downtown Toronto? Contact our office right away.

Tooth Extraction Toronto

Do You Need Tooth Extraction Services in Downtown Toronto? 

You can always entrust your reconstructive and emergency dentistry needs, such as tooth extraction, to Dentistry on King professionals. We are committed to delivering pain-free tooth extraction in Toronto with no bleeding and complications afterwards.

Although patients try to stay away from tooth removal as far as possible, it is sometimes inevitable. In better words, almost every person experiences a tooth extraction procedure at some point. Our team has the knowledge and skill to deliver unparalleled patient care for tooth removal at our downtown Toronto clinic.

We professionally carry out even the most complex tooth extraction procedures in Toronto that require an oral surgery. You can also have your wisdom tooth extracted by experienced oral surgeons at Dentistry on King. Get in touch with our team and schedule your appointment.

Tooth Extraction Services in Downtown Toronto

FAQs about Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the last dental procedure every dental specialist may choose. However, if the dentist has told you that getting a tooth extraction in Toronto is inevitable, you can step into our dental clinic with no worries. Visit our list of FAQs here or get in touch for more information about tooth extraction. 


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Why Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

As mentioned above, dentists always try their best to preserve your natural tooth, but they sometimes have no choice other than a tooth extraction. If our dental specialists have told you that you may need tooth extraction services in Toronto, never fear! We will have your tooth removed through a completely painless procedure since we apply modern dentistry technology along with local anesthesia. We, such as any other dedicated dental group, strive to salvage your tooth as much as possible, but you may need a tooth extraction at our downtown Toronto clinic for the following reasons:


  • When your tooth is severely damaged
  • When you have severe tooth decay
  • When you suffer from periodontal disease
  • When your tooth is impacted
  • When your teeth are overcrowded, and you require orthodontic treatment


All the tooth extraction procedures in our Toronto dental clinic are carried out by professional dentists and trained specialists. We perform a thorough examination for comprehensive diagnosis prior to extracting your tooth. Then we also discuss various tooth replacement methods such as denturesdental implants or bridges. You can receive various dental services, such as dental veneer and teeth whitening, at Dentistry on King.

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