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What Can an Endodontist Exactly Do?

There are many dental specialists who are active in different areas of dentistry. It’s important to understand what condition you are dealing with to choose the right specialist. For instance, an emergency dentist can offer cosmetic dental services, or a cosmetic dentist cannot treat your emergency toothache. It’s important to learn about different dentist specialists to choose the right one when needed. We have many different experienced dentists at Dentistry on King, offering a variety of dental care services. Endodontists are a particular type of dentist specializing knowledge in the field of oral medicine. Endodontists usually treat conditions occurring on the interior of the teeth rather than their enamels. Typically, endodontist treatments cover a wide range of dental problems, and endodontists are able to treat different oral health issues. Unfortunately, many still don’t have enough information about endodontic services and don’t know when to visit an experienced endodontist. This blog focuses on the services an endodontist can provide and when to visit them.

Diagnosing Toothache: Whenever a general dentist can’t diagnose your tooth pain, they may refer you to an endodontist. A micropore fracture or crack can be detected by an experienced endodontist before leading to dental emergencies and other serious issues.

Root Canal Therapy: The most common service an endodontist offers is root canal treatment. In order to treat and save a severely infected tooth, root canal treatment may be recommended. It’s the only option to save you from tooth removal and preserve your beautiful smile. Root canal therapy allows your endodontist to save the damaged tooth by removing the infected area. Then, professional cleaning is needed around the damaged area to make sure there is no infection or decay left.

Apicoectomy: When root canal therapy isn’t effective, and you don’t want to extract your tooth, a surgical procedure named apicoectomy is needed. Endodontists always use the proper dose of sedative medication to make you comfortable during the surgery.

Saving Teeth: As we mentioned, endodontists know many methods to save a damaged tooth without extracting it. They are focused on diagnosing and treating problems inside your tooth through procedures like root canal therapy or oral surgery. After the root canal, the most popular endodontic treatment, they may refer you to a cosmetic dentist to cover the recently treated tooth with a dental crown to prevent further damage.

Dental Implants: It may be surprising to know that endodontists offer implant services, too. Sometimes your endodontist has no other option but to extract your tooth and replace it with an implant. Compared to other options like partial dentures or tooth bridges, dental implants are the most natural-looking and functional tooth replacement treatment.

Bone Grafting: In some cases, a patient may not have enough jawbone density to start implant treatment or any other dental work. Hence, your endodontist may suggest bone grafting surgery to make your jawbone strong and sufficient once again. It may take a few months to heal, but the results are worth your patience and money.

If you feel having a checkup with an endodontist is helpful, don’t waste time and visit our professionals now!

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