The term oral surgery may be significantly scary for many people. Once you face a dental problem, you visit your reliable dentist as you know they can find the most suitable way to restore your smile. Depending on your condition, your dentist may recommend different options, and sometimes oral surgery is on the list of suggested treatments! Most patients are afraid of oral surgery as they think it’s too painful and complicated. The fact is that oral surgery has become much easier to perform these days thanks to the huge dentistry developments. You can visit our skilled dentists at Dentistry on King and realize how they use the best sedative medications to minimize pain and discomfort during oral surgery. Oral surgery is the last option to restore your oral health. Your dentist won’t suggest dental surgery unless your comfort and health rely on it. If you wonder why your dentist recommends oral surgery as the best treatment option, continue to read this blog.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Most patients choose to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent further complications. The eruption of wisdom teeth brings a lot of dental problems, including tooth misalignment, infection, etc., which is why tooth removal is highly recommended in such cases. It’s hard to access an impacted wisdom tooth, increasing the chance of decay and infection. An impacted wisdom tooth may be blocked from erupting to lower the risk of infection. The process of wisdom tooth removal is usually surgical and should be done by an experienced oral surgeon who has complete knowledge of dental structures.

Tooth Decay

The situation is one of the most common dental emergencies and should be addressed immediately. Tooth decay usually results from poor oral hygiene or calcium deficiency. If left untreated, pulp decay can occur, which can cause tooth abscesses and other life-threatening conditions. In these cases, oral surgery is necessary that may come in the form of endodontic treatment or even tooth removal to isolate the infection.

Tooth Loss

Once you lose a tooth, you can understand how important having a healthy mouth is. Missing teeth leads to different issues, such as difficulty speaking or chewing. Furthermore, it makes you feel ashamed and less confident when smiling, as you don’t want others to notice your missing teeth. Fortunately, you can replace missing teeth with dental implants or dentures to restore your smile. Not replacing your missing teeth can put more pressure on surrounding healthy teeth and deprive the jawbone of the stimulation it needs. The best tooth replacement option is dental implants, which involve implanting a titanium rod into your jawbone surgically. You can visit an implant dentist to see whether you are qualified to start the treatment.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

These jaw problems are so hard to handle as they make speaking, eating, and even yawning difficult. Fortunately, TMJ disorders can be treated through oral surgery. Remember that these problems are also common in children as well as adults, so it’s better to start regular visits with a pediatric dentist to preserve your child’s oral health.

Dental issues can happen over time or suddenly. Your smile is worthy, so try your best to protect it!

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