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Generally, some severe types of urgent dental conditions may occur without a warning sign. Although it is often impossible to prevent these conditions, visiting an experienced urgent care provider at early moments is the best way to decrease severe dental damage and preserve oral health. At Dentistry on King, a group of knowledgeable and sophisticated dental professionals is always ready to provide you with instant dental treatments for all Toronto residents, even during weekends. Come to see us immediately anytime you need our help. Unfortunately, most people cannot accurately distinguish urgent problems from non-urgent ones; therefore, they don’t know when to seek quick dental care. That’s why we have compiled this useful article to help our valued patients determine when emergency procedures are required to manage their conditions.


Top Symptoms Indicating You Are Suffering from a Specific Emergency Dental Issue 

As usual, it is difficult to understand if urgent dental care is needed in case of a severe car accident or sports injury. So. Let us accurately define a dental emergency problem. An urgent dental condition is a serious situation with sharp pain or bleeding. If you postpone treating this problem, you are more prone to lose a permanent tooth. The following items are the most common signs that may force you to make an emergency dental visit:


  • Unbearable toothaches that may continue for several hours
  • Redness and swelling around a certain tooth with systemic symptoms like difficulty breathing well or fever
  • Avulsed teeth
  • An Infected tooth that require quick root canal therapy
  • Severely broken teeth
  • Sharp and uncontrolled bleeding
  • Severe gum diseases that require oral surgeries

Any moment you wait to see a skilled urgent care provider will increase the risk of experiencing life-threatening consequences.


What Will Happen During an Emergency Dental Visit?

Generally, those suffering from painful dental emergencies prefer to achieve more information about how their emergency dental practitioners relieve their significant pain.

Once you reach an urgent dental clinic while suffering from extreme dental pain, a thorough dental examination will be done to determine what procedure is required to solve the main source of your pain. In some cases, endodontic treatment is the right decision to manage your conditions, while in some severe cases, there’s no better solution than tooth extraction to deal with the problem. Besides, some cases are recommended to undergo immediate wisdom tooth extraction if it is determined their wisdom teeth are impacted.

Don’t worry if the gap between your teeth caused by missing teeth ruin your beautiful smile. Your emergency dentists will refer you to cosmetic dentists who are experts at replacing lost teeth with dental implants, dentures, or bridges.

A highly-dedicated emergency dentist will take all essential steps to effectively deal with your pain and eliminate the risk of further complications.


Preventable Types of Urgent Dental Issues

Although some types of severe dental emergencies are unavoidable, some straightforward tips can help you avoid these problems. Some of these beneficial tips are as follows:


Routine Dental Check-Ups: The only ones who can diagnose dental problems before they worsen are your general dentists. They are equipped with high-tech tools that enable them to monitor the health of your permanent teeth and prevent any urgent problems in the future.


Excellent Oral Care Habits: You can play an essential role in avoiding urgent dental problems if you try to improve your oral hygiene. Spending at least two minutes to brush your teeth, improving your dental cleaning procedure by regular flossing, and replacing your toothbrush with a newer one from time to time are some examples of good points that to maintain a good oral care routine at home, eliminate the need for teeth whitening, and prevent urgent dental issues.  


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